BodyTalk is a young and revolutionary form of healthcare and is a must for optimum health and balance in mind/body/spirit. It is a modality that looks at the “whole person” and understands the profound influence that the psychology of the body has on health. It is safe, simple and effective using various gentle techniques that allow the body’s own healing abilities to effect the change. Whether you have a specific illness or concern, or are feeling stressed and off balance, BodyTalk will amaze you!

Outstanding results are being achieved in the areas of Arthritis ~ Sports Injuries ~ Sports Performance ~ Emotional Disorders & Depression ~ Learning Disorders & ADD ~ Digestive disorders ~ Endocrine Disorders ~ Chronic Fatigue ~ Headaches & Migraines ~ Phobias ~ Chronic Pain & Fibromyalgia ~ Stress & Anxiety ~ Viruses ~ Infections ~ Allergies & Sinusitis.