In mid 2015 I moved to live in England after 20 years in the beauty of South Africa where the doors of healing opened for me. I began my apprenticeship in this world of energy learning Reiki with my gentle and spiritual neighbour on the next door farm in the Free State on the empty slopes of the Drakensburg escarpment. I furthered my knowledge with Reflexology with a learned friend in the windy city of Port Elizabeth (Lang Training Institute) and then BodyTalk came my way. It immediately struck a chord and since the studies began in 2005, it has become a passion. I have completed all modules including several courses with the Founder, John Veltheim and I am now studying the most advanced levels, PaRama.

BodyTalk has had a huge impact in my life and taken me to levels of healing I had not thought possible. It has given me insight and respect into how our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are wondrously intertwined and as a result I live a lot more consciously. In 2009 and 2010 I began my journey in Energy Medicine under the ethereal and wise guidance of Brenda McFie in Nottingham Road, Natal and after 5 levels of learning I realise what a powerful combination BodyTalk and Energy Medicine are when they work together. In addition, I love crystals and their alchemy of healing, Angel cards always seem to carry the right mystical message for the moment and distance healing is becoming a practical reality. I am now living in England and very much look forward to meeting you.