BodyTalk is a young and revolutionary form of healthcare and is a must for optimum health and balance in mind/body/spirit. It is a modality that looks at the “whole person” and understands the profound influence that the psychology of the body has on health. It is safe, simple and effective using various gentle techniques that allow the body’s own healing abilities to effect the change. Whether you have a specific illness or concern, or are feeling stressed and off balance, BodyTalk will amaze you!

Outstanding results are being achieved in the areas of Arthritis ~ Sports Injuries ~ Sports Performance ~ Emotional Disorders & Depression ~ Learning Disorders & ADD ~ Digestive disorders ~ Endocrine Disorders ~ Chronic Fatigue ~ Headaches & Migraines ~ Phobias ~ Chronic Pain & Fibromyalgia ~ Stress & Anxiety ~ Viruses ~ Infections ~ Allergies & Sinusitis.

There are 2 recent additional courses added to my BodyTalk knowledge and the first is a dive into East meets West mind-body medicine which spans the wisdom of classical  Chinese medicine and the science from the Western perspective of mind-body connection to transform health.  I am now able to use Master acupoints as resets for the main systems of the mind-body – nervous, endocrine and immune – to balance and harmonise Blood, Essence, Qi and Yin and Yang for flow to avoid the dangers of stagnation within the 12 major meridians and their associated organs, endocrines and body parts.
I am also able to look more closely into the cells that fight off virus infections and tumour cells and find out what may be hindering them from preventing these threats. These cells are like  a mini you and will be playing out your inter-relational dramas on a cellular scale.

The second addition to my toolbox is the fascinating world of epigenetics. Here is an interesting fact….15% or less of health issues is hard wired in the genes, the other 85% is epigenetic, caused by lifestyle factors that can lock genes into chronic disease.
“Your genes are fluid, dynamic and responsive to everything you think and do.  Gene activity is largely under our control and we need to be part of this conversation”. (Quote from Chopra and Tanzi”)
Now, with this additional learning I am able to hear this conversation and facilitate shifts to reset the body into health adding greater resilience to these modern day stressors.
Epigenetics is one of the top areas of healthcare research and a primary contributing factor in disease so this course underpins many of the sessions for my clients.