How to lower your cholesterol naturally

There are tons of natural remedies out there on how to lower cholesterol and it can be as simple as swapping a few foods for healthier options, gearing up on exercise or adding a supplement or two into the lifestyle mix.

Here are a few of the top cholesterol-lowering foods to stock up on:- Olive oil, veggies, nuts, seeds especially flaxseeds, turmeric, garlic, beans and legumes, sweet potatoes, green tea, avocados, lemon juice added to drinking water

Avoid sugar and refined carbs, alcohol, caffeine, trans fats.

Supplements that help decrease total and LDL cholesterol are fish oil (1,000-2,000 mgs daily), CoQ10 (200-300 mgs daily) and Niacin (1,500 mgs daily)

Aerobic/cardio workouts and resistance training help strengthen your heart and lungs, keep you trim and positive.

See how you go and check your results in a couple of months to see the reduction in LDL cholesterol.